How to use Supplements for Performance and Healthy Lifespan

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Lifestyle Hacks

When do supplements work?


  1. First there needs to be a goal to achieve, like weight loss or improved sleep or performance or healthy lifespan

  2. Then the basics of nutrition and lifestyle to reduce inflammation need to be in place e.g. whole foods, low carb, fasting, exercise, sleep, breathing, dental, light, toxins, alcohol, stress etc

  3. Next analyze symptom and real-time presentation data for supplement priorities to plug biochemical holes

  4. Upgrade health by making informed choices for the right brands of the right supplements and know dosages and how to use and what not to use together

  5. Thereafter, iterate measuring effectiveness through matching HRV results to events on the timeline


Access independent functional clinical expertise to achieve more from supplements (for less time and money)

"Very cool! didn’t know wearables had become so sleek and able to extract so much information. 
People shouldn’t have to go to an office and explain all their symptoms for something trivial that could be explained from analyzing data. I like it!"

Personal Health Analytics

App suitable for everyone aged 20+, excluding those pregnant, breastfeeding, being treated for cancer, undergoing gender reassignment treatment, within 2 weeks of surgery or 6 weeks post surgery. All that’s needed is a phone and 5 minutes to fill out some questions for a free trial.  $99 per year accesses premium services, with the objective data providing access to more advanced natural performance enhancers (or use the referral program to invite a friend and get premium services for free).  The advice provided is independent i.e. the service doesn’t profit from the sale of supplements.

The Story

We began as a functional doctor, a nurse/yoga-teacher and an engineer exploring performance and a healthy lifespan using personalized medicine. There was no lack of information about nutrition and lifestyle for these goals. Indeed the amount of conflicting information was the problem, when what works for one person doesn’t work for another. Beyond the promises, we wanted to filter out bias in science, clinical and individual experience. We got started on a custom timeline with integration to Oura Ring HRV Tracker data. By tracking metrics and combining them with life events, we started spotting patterns in what’s going on.  We found it’s possible using N-of-1 to improve upon trial and error with supplements.  We’ve ended up building an app for citizen scientists, biohackers and the quantified self movement.

Suggested Reading

David Sinclair’s “Lifespan: Why we Age – And Why We Don’t Have To” and Dave Asprey’s “Super Human”. Also lookup Dave Feldman, Mike Mutzel, Ben Greenfield, Siim Land, Dr Peter Attia etc.

Analyse with a Virtual Functional Clinician

Firstly, the timeline & tracking provide information on what’s going well and what’s not.  Second, we want to know what to do if there are problems. An algorithm derived from Cindy’s functional clinical practice is used to analyse questionnaires and real-time data. For example, run an analysis to get nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. Most importantly, each analysis reviews 88 possible interventions against 305 criteria (26,000+ calculations), then provides Pubmed references to validate for informed choice. Know where you are at with health and choose what next.  In other words, the joint effort between functional medical experience and software engineering is novel.  That is to say, beyond the linear logic of old approaches.

Upgrade with Natural Performance Enhancers & Supplements

Know how much to take of what and when to take it.  Find out which natural performance enhancers will be individually effective at a given point in time and avoid wasting a pile of money e.g. NAD, nootropics and lifestyle hacks etc are relevant under particular circumstances.  NAD on it’s own costs $100+ per month, so $99 per year is a sound investment to know whether you might benefit from NAD.  Curated independent clinical information is a tonic for industry funded disinformation.

Measure with a Medtech Oura Ring HRV Tracker Wearable

HRV measures overall health & longevity. Link to the Oura Ring to auto track resting HRV, readiness and sleep.  If you exercise and HRV temporarily goes down, that’s good.  If you relax and HRV temporarily goes up, that’s good too.  Average HRV improving over time indicates a healthy lifespan.
Then the app helps track custom metrics on your timeline (e.g. HRV, weight, time on social media) and match to events (e.g. travel, family visits, fasting).    
Therefore the app with the Oura Ring lets you correlate supplements and lifestyle hacks to objective health outcomes.

How good is the information provided for each supplement?

The personalized supplement information provided for a suggested supplement is curated by a registered functional doctor from Pubmed, research papers sourced through FRACGP and the Natural Medicines Database etc. Access to these information sources is only available to suitably qualified clinicians and just one source costs $12K per year, not including the curation to present what will be individually relevant.  Through indexing  lifetimes of reading, the democratizing opportunity for informed choice using pharmaceutical grade certified supplements is created.

Practitioner Portal

Wouldn’t it be great to share some or all of your real-time information with your trainer or practitioner, to be able to collaborate with better information on how best to proceed. How about sharing objective information for when to button off on a training program to avoid injury? Or discuss what supplements were started and when? Collating real-time information in a practitioner portal drives genuine personalized medicine.

Let us know

Please Contact us about any ideas for improvements. The cream of the ideas rise to the top and we do the little things each day and the bigger things each week. For anyone who wants to help, we can offer a rewarding 7 day week where you pay to come to work.  Contact us if inspiration takes hold or you’ve taken leave of your senses for any other reason!

The Future

To sum up, the core team is expanding to a wider network of personalized medicine practitioners.  We see digitalhealth as an effective treatment for the epidemic rise in chronic lifestyle conditions.  Through combining bricks and clicks, we benefit clients and clinicians. Hence, we are growing our vision of what healthcare can be.  As a result, our AI experiment is collecting data points to spot patterns, adding scientific insights to clinical experience.

Partnerships & Opportunities

Have an interesting project where you’d like to leverage the YourPersonalizedHealth platform as a practitioner page or plugin? Tell us about your project: Contact us