running manTry the daily Rate of Perceived Exertion exercise recommendations for Antiaging with the Oura Ring.


For early detection & treatment of viral illness, YPH’s latest innovation combines pubmed published HRV research with Oura monitoring data.

Virtual Personalized Medicine Doctor & Oura

Biohacking by Number Crunching Monitoring Data 

Unique medical content & individual algorithmic online delivery


Oura says “how you are” & YPH says “what you can do about it”

“Very cool! didn’t know wearables had become so sleek and able to extract so much information.
People shouldn’t have to go to an office and explain all their symptoms for something trivial that could be explained from analyzing data. I like it!

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Numbers to conquer bias.  Objectivity to conquer marketing.


The algorithm analyzes monitoring data to identify supplementation and lifestyle priorities.


For Biohacking, LCHF, IF, Ketones, Autophagy, NAD+, Resveratrol, GPC, MitoQ, MCT.

Certified Supplements

Lifestyle Hacks

Calculations per Analysis

Medical literacy to bridge the gulf between what’s perceived as healthy and what’s possible


Access pharmaceutical-grade certified supplements personalized to you

Personalized Medicine & Oura

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