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Custom Tracking and Timeline, Oura Ring Integration, Virtual Clinician

Personalized medicine services for longevity and quality of life are often targeted at executives, but what if anyone could give it a go?

"Very cool! didn’t know wearables had become so sleek and able to extract so much information. People shouldn’t have to go to an office and explain all their symptoms for something trivial that could be explained from analyzing data. I like it!"
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YourPersonalizedHealth Dashboard

The Story

We began as a medical doctor, a yoga practitioner & a software engineer exploring longevity, health and performance using personalized medicine.  There was certainly no lack of information about nutrition and lifestyle for these goals.  Indeed the amount of conflicting information was the problem, when what works well for one person doesn’t ever seem to work the same for the next.  Beyond the promise of one trick wonders, we wanted to filter out the bias in scientific studies, clinical and individual experience.  

An HRV Tracker for the Oura Ring with a custom timeline seemed like a solution. By individually tracking metrics and combining them with our life events, we found opportunity to spot patterns in what’s going on and what actually works.  We believe it’s possible using N-of-1 citizen science to progress beyond the discouragement associated with the trial and error of unsuccessful diet and lifestyle hacks.  We created an app for citizen scientists, biohackers and the quantified self movement. 


Personal Health Analytics

Suitable for citizen scientists and biohackers aged 20+, excluding those pregnant, breastfeeding, being treated for cancer, or undergoing gender reassignment treatment.    All that’s needed is a smartphone and 5 minutes to fill out the initial questions if you want the analyses.


Observe, Experiment, Implement for FREE 

YourPersonalizedHealth is a free online app for personalized health.  Users can custom track metrics on their timeline (e.g. HRVweight) and events (e.g. travel, stress, fasting).  The service then layers diagnostic questions from the clinic onto the timeline to analyse patterns and provide personalized suggestions from which to choose. Each analysis reviews 83 possible interventions against 305 criteria (25,000+ calculations). 



For anyone wanting to take things a step further, for $99 per year access premium services (like linking the HRV Tracker to the Oura Ring for automatic resting HRV, readiness and sleep) to provide objective measurement of cause and effect, with the extra data providing access to more advanced interventions.


The Clinic

Then for anyone who wants even more and can also get to the personalized medicine clinic in Nelson NZadvanced lab testing provides the baseline, the Oura Ring provides objective monitoring, then YourPersonalizedHealth coordinates continuous feedback for early intervention and enhancement.  Digitalhealth monitoring is closing the gap between client and clinician, providing more time to better focus on what’s important. Too good to be true? See for yourself.


Let us know

With citizen science, biohacking and the quantified self movement in mind, please Contact us about any ideas for improvements or anything that needs fixed.  The cream of the ideas rise to the top and we implement the little things each day and the bigger things each week.

For anyone with relevant capabilities who wants to help progress what’s happening at YourPersonalizedHealth, we can offer a rewarding 7 day week where you pay to come to work.  Contact us if inspiration takes hold or you’ve taken leave of your senses for any other reason!


The Future

As the number of users has grown, the core team is expanding to the wider network of personalized medicine practitioners, who see the digital tsunami heading our way and are finding a way to harness it.  We are combining bricks and clicks to decouple from the fee-for-service model and project what we practice in the clinic.  We are now 12 patient-facing practitioners and software engineers growing our vision of what healthcare can be and pushing the boat out for the citizen scientist, biohacker and and the quantified self movement.